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Pyrethroid pesticides were applied via ground spraying to residential neighborhoods in New York City during July-September 2000 to control mosquito vectors of West Nile virus (WNV). Case reports link pyrethroid exposure to asthma exacerbations, but population-level effects on asthma from large-scale mosquito control programs have not been assessed. We(More)
William Solecki,1,a Cynthia Rosenzweig,2,a Reginald Blake,3,a Alex de Sherbinin,4 Tom Matte,5 Fred Moshary,6 Bernice Rosenzweig,7 Mark Arend,6 Stuart Gaffin,8 Elie Bou-Zeid,9 Keith Rule,10 Geraldine Sweeny,11 and Wendy Dessy11 1City University of New York, CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities, New York, NY. 2Climate Impacts Group, NASA Goddard Institute(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the proficiency of commercial laboratories in analyzing lead in clinical blood samples from subjects without overt lead exposure. DESIGN We submitted masked duplicate blood lead specimens to 8 masked laboratories. Each laboratory received blood aliquots immediately following drawing (time 1) and 2 weeks later (time 2) from 7 human(More)
Nancy Adler Siddharth Aggarwal Yumiko Aratani Michael Bader D.M. Briana Barocas Maureen Benjamins Keosha Bond Lee Bone Randall Brown Jessica Burke Waleska Caiaffa Richard Carpiano Janine Cataldo David Celentano Magdalena Cerda Vipul Chaudhari Deborah Cohen A. Hannah Cooper Nicholas Corsaro Natalie Crawford Richard Crosby Sherry Deren Charles Di Maggio Brad(More)
Nancy Adler Jennifer Ahern Hortensia Amaro Neil Andersson Kamyar Arasteh Debbie Barrington Jeremiah Barondess Scott Bass John Beard Curt Beckwith Stephanie Behel Mags Beksinska Gus Birkhead Susan Blank Lee Bone Sebastian Bonner Joe Boscarino Robert Booth Mary Jean Brown Jean-Marie Bruzzese Jessica Burke Robert Carlson Patricia Case David Celentano Sabrina(More)
I noticed with interest the article “Pesticide Spraying for West Nile Virus Control and Emergency Department Asthma Visits in New York City, 2000” by Karpati et al. (2004). I am a physician who treats hundreds of patients with chronic illness from chemical overexposure. Many of these patients have toxic encephalopathy, reactive airway disease, and other(More)
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