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Randomness is a fundamental feature of nature and a valuable resource for applications ranging from cryptography and gambling to numerical simulation of physical and biological systems. Random numbers, however, are difficult to characterize mathematically, and their generation must rely on an unpredictable physical process. Inaccuracies in the theoretical(More)
Quantum networks based on atomic qubits and scattered photons provide a promising way to build a large-scale quantum information processor. We review quantum protocols for generating entanglement and operating gates between two distant atomic qubits, which can be used for constructing scalable atom–photon quantum networks. We emphasize the crucial role of(More)
This study was undertaken to determine the contribution of various structures in the posterior cruciate ligament-deficient knee in resisting posterior tibial translation. With "isolated" injuries to the posterior cruciate ligament, the amount of posterior translation will decrease with the posterior drawer test as the knee is taken from neutral to internal(More)
We demonstrate entangling quantum gates within a chain of five trapped ion qubits by optimally shaping optical fields that couple to multiple collective modes of motion. We individually address qubits with segmented optical pulses to construct multipartite entangled states in a programmable way. This approach enables high-fidelity gates that can be scaled(More)
OBJECTIVE Various techniques have been used to stop venous bleeding from the epidural space, vertebral venous plexus, and cavernous sinus. Here, we describe our experience with the use of fibrin glue to stop venous bleeding in these areas. METHODS During the last 8 years, the senior author (LNS) has used injection of Tisseel fibrin glue (Baxter Healthcare(More)
  • Louis J Freeh Director, John E Ott, Managing Editor, Kim Waggoner, Glen Bartolomei, Cynthia L Lewis +10 others
  • 2006
Contributors' opinions and statements should not be considered an endorsement by the FBI for any policy, program, or service. The Attorney General has determined that the publication of this periodical is necessary in the transaction of the public business required by law. Use of funds for printing this periodical has been approved by the Director of the(More)
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