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PREFACE TRADOC Analysis Center (TRAC) asked the Arroyo Center to develop a framework for performing credible analysis using Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS). This documented briefing reports on research that extends and demonstrates the credible analysis framework. The Focused Dispatch Advanced Warfighting Experiment (AWE), really a series of(More)
Frequency discrimination limens (FDLs) were measured for pairs of stimuli differing from each other with respect to pitch salience. One of the two stimuli to be compared within a trial was a pure tone of at least 100 ms, evoking a salient pitch, while the other stimulus consisted of only eight sinusoidal cycles (experiment 1), or was a noise band with a(More)
We propose a new approach of photometric stereo with anisotropic pointwise sources such as LEDs. This approach is both differential and variational, in order to recover the depth directly and in a robust manner, without estimating the normals and the albedo in a first step. We then show how to use this approach in order to refine the depth map obtained with(More)
We describe three calibration methods of a LED (lightemitting diode), in order to apply photometric stereo to a scene illuminated by LEDs. The most accurate of these methods will allow us to obtain very realistic 3D models. Nevertheless, the scene must remain still during the whole shooting sequence. We thus extend this method to a LED model which takes(More)
defined Very large data bases have been many ways by many people. However, once the sizes exceed 100 million records, the question of definition is really academic. Very large data bases of these sizes present major processing problems because tnere just are not enough hours in the day to do such simple tasks as taking a back-up dump of all of the data.(More)
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