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Three software complexity measures (Halstead's E, McCabe's u(G), and the length as measured by number of statements) were compared to programmer performance on two software maintenance tasks. In an experiment on understanding, length and u(G) correlated with the percent of statements correctly recalled. In an experiment on modification, most significant(More)
During recent years, there have been many attempts to define and measure the "complexity" of a computer program. Maurme Halstead has developed a theory that gives objective measures of software complexity. Various studms and experiments have shown that the theory's predictmns of the number of bugs in programs and of the time required to implement a program(More)
  • Tom Love
  • 1977
A within-subjects experimental design was used to test the effect of two variables on program understanding. The independent variables were complexity of control flow and paragraphing of the source code. Understanding was measured by having the subjects memorize the code for a fixed time and reconstruct the code verbatim. Also some subjects were asked to(More)
BACKGROUND Complex systems have specific properties of robustness and self organisation which arise from interacting components within the overall system and which govern the system's behaviour. These are typically associated with a power law distribution of event sizes. Commentators have suggested that health systems are complex, but there has been limited(More)
BACKGROUND We designed and validated a rule-based expert system to identify influenza like illness (ILI) from routinely recorded general practice clinical narrative to aid a larger retrospective research study into the impact of the 2009 influenza pandemic in New Zealand. METHODS Rules were assessed using pattern matching heuristics on routine clinical(More)
1 Background During the past few years, Smalltalk has become one of the fastest (if not the fastest) growing programming languages for business computing. Many corporations, large and small, have decided to invest significantly in sma.l1talk. This panel will try to explain this phenomenon by examining the personal experiences of the panelists. By doing so,(More)