Tom Livak

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Middle school mathematics teachers are often forced to choose between assisting students' development and assessing students' abilities because of limited classroom time available. To help teachers make better use of their time, we are integrating assistance and assessment by utilizing a web-based system ("Assistment") that will offer instruction to(More)
The eXtensible Tutor Architecture (XTA) was designed as a platform for creating and deploying many types of Intelligent Tutoring Systems across many different platforms. The XTA presently has support for state graph pseudo-tutors and JESS model-tracing cognitive tutors, in both a client and server context. Supported interfaces are presently Java Swing /(More)
Preface Adaptive and intelligent Web-based educational systems (AIWBES) provide an alternative to the traditional " just-put-it-on-the-Web " approach in the development of Web-based educational. AIWBES attempt to be more adaptive by build ing a model of the goals, preferences and knowledge of each individual student and using this model throughout the(More)
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