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BACKGROUND Infection with the Ebola virus induces overexpression of the procoagulant tissue factor in primate monocytes and macrophages, suggesting that inhibition of the tissue-factor pathway could ameliorate the effects of Ebola haemorrhagic fever. Here, we tested the notion that blockade of fVIIa/tissue factor is beneficial after infection with Ebola(More)
BACKGROUND Marburg virus (MARV) infection causes a severe and often fatal hemorrhagic disease in primates; however, little is known about the development of MARV hemorrhagic fever. In this study we evaluated the progression of MARV infection in nonhuman primates. METHODS Eighteen cynomolgus monkeys were infected with MARV; blood and tissues were examined(More)
BACKGROUND Recent importation of Lassa fever into Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States by travelers on commercial airlines from Africa underscores the public health challenge of emerging viruses. Currently, there are no licensed vaccines for Lassa fever, and no experimental vaccine has completely protected nonhuman primates(More)
BACKGROUND Lassa virus (LASV) infection causes an acute and sometimes fatal hemorrhagic disease in humans and nonhuman primates; however, little is known about the development of Lassa fever. Here, we performed a pilot study to begin to understand the progression of LASV infection in nonhuman primates. METHODS Six cynomolgus monkeys were experimentally(More)
Acknowledgments This semester project has been conducted within GR-LVT group, part of LMIS1 laboratory at EPFL, Switzerland. This was a rich experiment for me to work in the cleanroom and to have a first approach with the equipment. I would like to thank Prof. Guillermo Villanueva and Tom Larsen for their supervision, Philippe Langlet for his helpful(More)
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