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Understanding how DNA binding proteins control global gene expression and chromosomal maintenance requires knowledge of the chromosomal locations at which these proteins function in vivo. We developed a microarray method that reveals the genome-wide location of DNA-bound proteins and used this method to monitor binding of gene-specific transcription(More)
The transcriptional regulatory networks that specify and maintain human tissue diversity are largely uncharted. To gain insight into this circuitry, we used chromatin immunoprecipitation combined with promoter microarrays to identify systematically the genes occupied by the transcriptional regulators HNF1alpha, HNF4alpha, and HNF6, together with RNA(More)
Transferring multimedia data from and to customers is one of the biggest challenges of current network engineering. A key challenge, researchers are confronted with, is to understand what kind of real-time support is needed, what the network could provide to the application and how the application could utilize codecs, quality settings and transmission(More)
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