Tom Koenig

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Non-functional characteristics of products can be essential for business success and are a key differentiator between a company and its competitors. This paper presents the application of a systematic, experience-based method to elicit, document, and analyze non-functional requirements. The objective of the method is to achieve a minimal and sufficient set(More)
Frequency-transformed EEG resting data has been widely used to describe normal and abnormal brain functional states as function of the spectral power in different frequency bands. This has yielded a series of clinically relevant findings. However, by transforming the EEG into the frequency domain, the initially excellent time resolution of time-domain EEG(More)
Cardiolipin is a specific mitochondrial phospholipid that is present in mammalian tissues in low concentration. To measure cardiolipin in small biopsies from patients with mitochondrial disease, we developed a new technique that can detect subnanomolar levels of well-resolved molecular species, the most abundant of which are tetralinoleoyl-cardiolipin(More)
Oxidatively modified phospholipids with fragmented acyl chains have attracted much interest because of their proinflammatory activity and their potential involvement in atherosclerosis. They can be formed in vitro by free radical treatment of unsaturated phospholipids but it is not known under which conditions they accumulate in vivo. We assayed one species(More)
Abschlussbericht des Leitungsgremiums für die Periode 2002-2004: Neben den regelmäßigen Aktivitäten (Treffen, AKs, Web-Seite, Email-Verteiler) hat sich die FG auf Tagungen engagiert (Workshop " Auftraggeber/Auftragnehmer-Management " auf der RE'02 in Essen, Workshop " Feature-Modellierung " auf der Modellierung 2004 in Marburg). Weiterhin ist sie im(More)
Highly polluted effluents from olive mills and wineries, among others, are unsuitable for discharge into standard sewage-treatment plants due to the large amounts of organic and suspended matter. Efficiency of all management practices for such effluents depends on an effective pretreatment that lowers the amount of suspended solids. Such pretreatments are(More)
In Diskussionen mit Unternehmen, Anforderungs-interessierten und Experten wurde deutlich, dass die verschiedenen Interessenten unterschiedlichste Anforderungen an das Portal stellen. Um diese verschiedenen Anforderungen zu identifizieren und einen sinnvollen Kompromiss zwischen den Anforderungen zu finden, wird eine Beta-Version des
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