Tom Koenig

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1. The effects of succinate oxidation on pyruvate and also isocitrate oxidation by rat liver mitochondria were studied. 2. Succinate oxidation was without effect on pyruvate and isocitrate oxidation when respiration was maximally activated with ADP. 3. When respiration was partially inhibited by atractylate, succinate oxidation severely inhibited the(More)
Non-functional characteristics of products can be essential for business success and are a key differentiator between a company and its competitors. This paper presents the application of a systematic, experience-based method to elicit, document, and analyze non-functional requirements. The objective of the method is to achieve a minimal and sufficient set(More)
There are several indications that periparturient depression of functional properties of polymorphonuclear neutrophilic granulocytes (PMN) may be of great importance for the pathogenesis of genital infections after calving. As the periparturient period is characterized by high plasma levels of corticosteroids, the hypothesis to be tested was that high(More)
1. The influence upon mammalian renal epithelial transport of L-nicotine was studied in different types of experiments. 2. The kidney in situ (rat), when infused with nicotine (1 mg hr-1 kg-1 I.V.), lowered its absolute and fractional K+-absorption significantly and reversibly, but Na+-absorption did not change. Effects on glomerular function and an(More)
Abschlussbericht des Leitungsgremiums für die Periode 2002-2004: Neben den regelmäßigen Aktivitäten (Treffen, AKs, Web-Seite, Email-Verteiler) hat sich die FG auf Tagungen engagiert (Workshop " Auftraggeber/Auftragnehmer-Management " auf der RE'02 in Essen, Workshop " Feature-Modellierung " auf der Modellierung 2004 in Marburg). Weiterhin ist sie im(More)
Highly polluted effluents from olive mills and wineries, among others, are unsuitable for discharge into standard sewage-treatment plants due to the large amounts of organic and suspended matter. Efficiency of all management practices for such effluents depends on an effective pretreatment that lowers the amount of suspended solids. Such pretreatments are(More)
In Diskussionen mit Unternehmen, Anforderungs-interessierten und Experten wurde deutlich, dass die verschiedenen Interessenten unterschiedlichste Anforderungen an das Portal stellen. Um diese verschiedenen Anforderungen zu identifizieren und einen sinnvollen Kompromiss zwischen den Anforderungen zu finden, wird eine Beta-Version des
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