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Ethnic Differences in Returning Home: Explanations From a Life Course Perspective
Abstract Ethnic differences in leaving and returning home may reflect varying cultural norms regarding intergenerational coresidence, but also differences in transitions in linked domains, forExpand
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Ethnic differences in timing and duration of exposure to neighborhood disadvantage during childhood
Abstract This paper examines ethnic differences in childhood neighborhood disadvantage among children living in the Netherlands. In contrast to more conventional approaches for assessing children’sExpand
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A micro-scale approach to ethnic minority concentration in the residential environment and voting for the radical right in the Netherlands
Existing empirical research on the link between ethnic minority concentration in residential environments and voting for the radical right is inconclusive, mainly due to major differences betweenExpand
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Ethnic differences in family trajectories of young adult women in the Netherlands: Timing and sequencing of events
Background: Despite extensive research on the family behavior of young adults, family dynamics of children of migrants remain largely unexplored. This is unfortunate as family transitions areExpand
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Life Paths of Migrants: A Sequence Analysis of Polish Migrants’ Family Life Trajectories
Abstract After Poland’s accession to the European Union in 2004, Polish migration within Europe has increased considerably. Still, little is known about this large and growing group of immigrants.Expand
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The Temporal Dynamics of Neighborhood Disadvantage in Childhood and Subsequent Problem Behavior in Adolescence
Research on neighborhood effects has increasingly focused on how long children have lived in a deprived neighborhood during childhood (duration), but has typically ignored when in childhood theExpand
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The Temporal Stability of Children's Neighborhood Experiences: A Follow-Up from Birth to Age 15
Despite increasing attention being paid to the temporal dynamics of childhood disadvantage, children's neighborhood characteristics are often measured at a single point in time. Whether suchExpand
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Levensloop van jongvolwassen vrouwen
Dit hoofdstuk volgt de levensloopgebeurtenissen van een groep jongvolwassen vrouwen. Het kijkt daarbij naar verschillen in de levensloop tussen niet-westerse vrouwen van de tweede generatie enExpand
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Wie speelt een rol in het verlaten van het ouderlijk huis van Marokkanen en Turken
Het verlaten van het ouderlijk huis is een belangrijke gebeurtenis in de levensloop van jongeren. Met deze stap begint een nieuwe levensfase met meer emotionele en economische zelfstandigheid. HetExpand
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Leaving home of migrant and Dutch young adults: parent-child and peer relations
INTRODUCTIONLeaving the parental home is a major event in the life course which involves essential changes for young adults and their parents. For children in Western societies, moving out of theExpand
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