Tom Kirkwood

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BACKGROUND The UK, like other developed countries, is experiencing a marked change in the age structure of its population characterised by increasing life expectancy and continuing growth in the older fraction of the population. There is remarkably little up-to-date information about the health of the oldest old (over 85 years), demographically the fastest(More)
BACKGROUND cognitive test scores and visual acuity are strongly associated in older people. This may be due to poor vision limiting performance on cognitive tasks specifically requiring vision, or an association between visual and neurodegenerative disorders. OBJECTIVE to explore, using data from the Newcastle 85+ cohort study, the impact of sight(More)
Lipid metabolism has a key role in human longevity and healthy ageing. This has been demonstrated by a recent genetic study examining the lipoprotein phenotype in individuals with exceptional longevity, in a population of Ashkenazi Jews [1]. It is highly probable such subjects with exceptional longevity, have avoided cardiovascular disease (CVD). CVD is the(More)
Although chronic infection with cytomegalovirus (CMV) is known to drive T lymphocytes toward a senescent phenotype, it remains controversial whether and how CMV can cause coronary heart disease (CHD). To explore whether CMV seropositivity or T-cell populations associated with immunosenescence were informative for adverse cardiovascular outcome in the very(More)
In order to manage the rise in life expectancy and the concomitant increased occurrence of age-related diseases, research into ageing has become a strategic priority. Mouse models are commonly utilised as they share high homology with humans and show many similar signs and diseases of ageing. However, the time and cost needed to rear aged cohorts can limit(More)
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