Tom Kelleher

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This study develops and tests operational definitions of relational maintenance strategies appropriate to online public relations. An experiment was designed to test the new measures and to test hypotheses evaluating potential advantages of organizational blogs over traditional Web sites. Participants assigned to the blog condition perceived an(More)
Ralph Waldo Emerson reputedly said, “If you build a better mouse trap, the world will beat a path to your door.” In this article, Emerson’s actual quote is seen to infer a simple rule: quality supply attracts quantity demand. Such a rule could imply that enitre businesses related to persuasion, such as public relations, advertising, and marketing seem at(More)
HE methods of selection for changing the values of quantitative characters Tmay be classified into two broad categories. One group includes a variety of methods which are aimed at changing individual population performance at the expense of additive genetic variance within the populations. Some familiar methods in this category are mass selection and family(More)
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