Tom Kelleher

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This study develops and tests operational definitions of relational maintenance strategies appropriate to online public relations. An experiment was designed to test the new measures and to test hypotheses evaluating potential advantages of organizational blogs over traditional Web sites. Participants assigned to the blog condition perceived an(More)
A study examined the use of e-mail between the students in an introductory public relations class and their instructor. E-mail use was parallel to the use of face-to-face communication, with students reporting that they used office time and e-mail primarily to ask questions about quizzes, tests, and assignments. Older students and students further along in(More)
Description COM 201 is an overview of communication in local, organizational and global communities; media arts including digital cinema and multimedia; and information and communication technologies (ICTs). Some of the topics that we'll cover include the following. Expectations for the COM Major This course is the foundation course in the School of(More)
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