Tom K. Johansen

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—We construct a coordinate-independent description of oscillator linear response through a decomposition scheme derived independently of any Floquet theoretic results. Trading matrix algebra for a simpler graphical methodology, the text will present the reader with an opportunity to gain an intuitive understanding of the well-known phase noise macromodel.(More)
— We present a comprehensive nonlinear analysis of coupled oscillators and examine the trade-off between phase-noise of the oscillator and the quadrature precision. We show that asymmetry gives rise to amplitude and phase imbalance which are proportional to the inverse and inverse square, respectively, of the relative coupling strength. It is shown that the(More)
Design and implementation of CMOS and BJT active loads for high-speed CML cells is presented in this work. CMOS and BJT active loads are designed in BiCMOS 7RF process technology for small delays (few ps) and large bandwidth (> 15GHz). Various topologies of active loads are discussed with their benefits and drawbacks. The loads cells are implemented using(More)
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