Tom I. Bonner

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The human CC chemokine I-309 is a potent monocyte chemoattractant and inhibits apoptosis in thymic cell lines. Here, we identify a specific human I-309 receptor, and name it CCR8 according to an accepted nomenclature system. The receptor has seven predicted transmembrane domains, is expressed constitutively in monocytes and thymus, and is encoded by a(More)
The IUPHAR database (IUPHAR-DB) integrates peer-reviewed pharmacological, chemical, genetic, functional and anatomical information on the 354 nonsensory G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), 71 ligand-gated ion channel subunits and 141 voltage-gated-like ion channel subunits encoded by the human, rat and mouse genomes. These genes represent the targets of(More)
Sequence annotation is essential for genomics-based research. Investigators of a specific genomic region who have developed abundant local discoveries such as genes and genetic markers, or have collected annotations from multiple resources, can be overwhelmed by the difficulty in creating local annotation and the complexity of integrating all the(More)
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