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This paper presents data from a four month ethnographic study of professional pair programmers from two software development teams. Contrary to the current conception of pair programmers, the pairs in this study did not hew to the separate roles of "driver" and "navigator". Instead, the observed programmers moved together through different phases of the(More)
Programmers use both paper and digital artifacts to aid in the process of software planning. This paper presents a prototype of a system that uses digital pen technology to integrate paper notecards and digital task plan representations, allowing programmers to utilize the affordances provided by both techniques. Through an ethnography of programmers who(More)
Receiving poor results from a personalized recommendation system is frustrating. When users try to compensate by putting on a "different face" and game the system, the results can be even more frustrating. This paper investigates how to improve the user experience of such systems by: 1) adding personal photos to increase self-awareness, and 2) providing(More)
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