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Received 19 November 2008 Accepted 15 February 2009 GUIDELINE DEVELOPMENT GROUP Steering group Julia Bott (Chair), support to Section 6, Consultant Physiotherapist, Surrey PCT NW Locality Sheric Ellum, support to Section 5, Consultant Physiotherapist, Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Trust, London Dr Rachel Garrod, support to Section 1, Reader, School of(More)
Colour Doppler ultrasonography was used to assess 39 patients with Peyronie's disease with a suspected organic cause for their impotence. In 20 patients who complained of a uniform loss of erection, the impotence was likely to be functional in origin (90%) or occasionally venogenic (10%), the penile arterial blood flow being normal. However, patients who(More)
PURPOSE Since 1988, surgeons at five hospitals have been performing the Barnett continent intestinal reservoir (BCIR). The BCIR includes modifications to the original Kock pouch, designed to reduce the incidence of valve slippage and fistula formation. Principle modifications include an intestinal collar, an isoperistaltic valve, and a lateral pouch design.(More)
This case report describes the first reported overdose of the dihydropyridine calcium channel blocker (CCB) lercanidipine. A 49 yr old male presented to the Emergency Department 3 hrs after the ingestion of 560 mg of lercanidipine. In the department he had a witnessed seizure within 15 minutes of arrival attributed to the overdose. Following immediate(More)
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