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We present hierarchical occlusion maps (HOM) for visibility culling on complex models with high depth complexity. The culling algorithm uses an object space bounding volume hierarchy and a hierarchy of image space occlusion maps. Occlusion maps represent the aggregate of projections of the occluders onto the image plane. For each frame, the algorithm(More)
Until there is greater consensus on proposals for realizing better-than-best-effort services on the Internet, developers of multimedia and distributed virtual environment applications must rely on best-effort media adaptations to ameliorate the effects of network congestion. We present the results of a study on the use of adaptations originally developed(More)
Collaboration across distances is a strategic component of scientific research. However, it is difficult for natural scientists to collaborate when they work in different locations, especially when they need to use specialized scientific instruments. To enable collaboration over distance, we have designed, developed, and are evaluating a collaborative(More)
Computer Aided Design (CAD) and architectural models typically contain hundreds of thousands to millions of 3D primitives. In order to display these models at interactive rates, the number of primitives to be rendered must be reduced. This paper presents an experimental system which combines multiple simplification algorithms into a single framework for the(More)
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