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As recent programming languages provide improved conciseness and flexibility of syntax, the development of embedded or internal Domain-Specific Languages has increased. The field of Modeling and Simulation has had a long history of innovation in programming languages (e.g. Simula-67, GPSS). Much effort has gone into the development of Simulation Programming(More)
Field ectomycorrhizae of Naucoria escharoides on Alnus acuminata ("andean alder", "aliso del cerro") are described in detail for the first time. Naturally occurring ectomycorrhizal roots were sampled beneath sporocarps of N. escharoides. The samples were taken from four natural forest plots at two homogeneous A. acuminata sites (Tucumán and Catamarca(More)
The ability to effectively specify a simulation optimization can often be impacted by the choice of the language or tool selected. Over the years OptQuest and SimRunner have been examples of the simplification of this effort. There is room for improvement in the connection between simulation models and related optimization problems. By combining the power(More)
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