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Field ectomycorrhizae of Naucoria escharoides on Alnus acuminata ("andean alder", "aliso del cerro") are described in detail for the first time. Naturally occurring ectomycorrhizal roots were sampled beneath sporocarps of N. escharoides. The samples were taken from four natural forest plots at two homogeneous A. acuminata sites (Tucumán and Catamarca(More)
The effects of the fish parasitic isopod, Ceratothoa oestroides (Risso), on haematological parameters of its cage-cultured sea bass host, Dicentrarchus labrax (L.), were studied. Analyses of blood parameters (cell counts, haemoglobin content and haematocrit) were carried out on parasitized and unparasitized sea bass from a fish farm in Turkey. Parasitized(More)
This paper reviews the occurrence of cymothoid isopod parasitism in aquaculture, reports the first case of infection by a cymothoid isopod (Ceratothoa oestroides) in Turkish aquaculture, and analyses its effects on sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax. Analyses revealed that C. oestroides negatively affects the weights and lengths of sea bass hosts. These effects(More)
As recent programming languages provide improved conciseness and flexibility of syntax, the development of embedded or internal Domain-Specific Languages has increased. The field of Modeling and Simulation has had a long history of innovation in programming languages (e.g. Simula-67, GPSS). Much effort has gone into the development of Simulation Programming(More)
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