Tom Hinrichs

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We describe an approach to building integrated performance support systems by using model-based task tracking to link performance support tools to video-based organizational memory systems, enabling contextually appropriate help and advice as well as proactive critiquing. PRELUDE Over the past several years we have developed a family c6 hypermedia(More)
Producing high-quality, comprehensible user intetices is a difficult, labor-intensive process that requires experience and judgment. In this paper, we describe an approach to assisting this process by using explicit models of the user's task to drive the interface design process. The task model helps to ensure that the resulting interf%ce directly and(More)
Companion Cognitive Systems is a cognitive architecture inspired by natural intelligent systems. In this paper, we describe seven design goals of Companions, relate them to properties of human reasoning, and discuss their implications. We present our experiences in developing and experimenting with Companions so far, and the challenges that remain.
Case-based retrieval and other decision support systems typically exist separately from the tools and tasks they support. Users are required to initiate searches and identify target case features manually, and as a result the systems are not used to their full extent. We describe an approach to integrating an ASK system—a type of video case library—with a(More)
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