Tom Hetherington

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This paper investigates anomaly detection techniques that have been successful for detecting external threats and applies them to the insider threat problem. The "insider threat" involves the actions of a trusted and privileged user who is inappropriately accessing or disseminating sensitive information or otherwise compromising information systems. In(More)
A laser Doppler vibrometer was used to measure the acoustic responses of different body surfaces of several species of salamanders and lizards. The lateral body wall over the lung displayed sound-induced motion up to 30 dB greater than the lateral head surface from 300–1,000 Hz in salamanders and from 200–2,500 Hz in lizards. The lateral body wall of(More)
insiders (an analyst, application administrator, and system administrator), measuring timeliness This paper summarizes a collaborative, six and accuracy of detection. month ARDA NRRC challenge workshop to characterize and create analysis methods to counter sophisticated malicious insiders in the 1. The Threat: Malicious Insiders United States Intelligence(More)
This study was funded in part by a Minigrant award from California State University, Fresno. The use of thermal modalities to enhance stretching procedures is not well documented clinically. This study documented the effectiveness of applying superficial heat and cold in conjunction with a low-load prolonged stretch (LLPS) for increasing shoulder(More)
Although AI has been successfully applied to many different domains with different characteristics, the task of applying a solution that is successful in one problem domain to a different domain remains far from automatic. Even the simpler task of applying a solution to a related but different domain is problematic. In this paper, we discuss various(More)
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