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TCP flows start with an initial congestion window of at most four segments or approximately 4KB of data. Because most Web transactions are short-lived, the initial congestion window is a critical TCP parameter in determining how quickly flows can finish. While the global network access speeds increased dramatically on average in the past decade, the(More)
In male germ cells many mRNAs are sequestered by proteins into translationally silent messenger ribo-nucleoprotein (mRNP) particles. These masked paternal mRNAs are stored and translated at specific times of germ cell development. Little is known about the mammalian testicular mRNA masking proteins bound to non-polysomal mRNAs. In this report, the major(More)
Feline calicivirus (FCV) is a small positive-stranded RNA virus within the family Caliciviridae. Its genome is 7690 nucleotides in length and encodes three open reading frames (ORFs). The smallest, ORF3, is located at the extreme 3' end of the genome and can potentially encode a polypeptide of approximately 12 kDa. In this paper, we report the(More)
125I protein labelling of oligo(dT)-selected RNA from feline calicivirus (FCV)-infected cells revealed that the genomic and 2.4 kb subgenomic RNAs of FCV are linked to a 15 kDa protein (VPg). Proteinase K treatment of FCV RNA, to remove VPg, led to a decrease in the translatability of the RNA, but there was no obvious change in the site of RNA initiation.(More)
Testing today's increasingly complex network protocol implementations can be a painstaking process. To help meet this challenge, we developed packetdrill, a portable, open-source scripting tool that enables testing the correctness and performance of entire TCP/UDP/IP network stack implementations, from the system call layer to the hardware network(More)
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