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A meta-analysis indicated that clinical depression was associated with several large alterations in cellular immunity. Analyzing only methodologically sound studies, reliable immune alterations included lowered proliferative response of lymphocytes to mitogens (effect size rs = .24-.45), lowered natural killer cell activity (r = .28), and alterations in(More)
TCP flows start with an initial congestion window of at most four segments or approximately 4KB of data. Because most Web transactions are short-lived, the initial congestion window is a critical TCP parameter in determining how quickly flows can finish. While the global network access speeds increased dramatically on average in the past decade, the(More)
OBJECTIVES The goals of this study were to investigate whether depression is associated with cellular immunity in ambulatory patients and to identify neuroendocrine and behavioral pathways that might account for this relationship. METHODS We studied 32 women who met Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder, fourth edition, criteria for major(More)
BACKGROUND While there is substantial evidence that psychological stress enhances risk for coronary artery disease, the mechanisms underlying such an influence remain unclear. We examined the effects of short-term psychological stress on serum lipid levels, hemoconcentration, fibrinogen level, and plasma viscosity. METHODS Forty-four healthy young adults(More)
This review addresses the importance of studies of human psychoneuroimmunology in understanding the role of psychological factors in physical illness. First, it provides psychologically and biologically plausible explanations for how psychological factors might influence immunity and immune system-mediated disease. Second, it covers substantial evidence(More)
This study evaluated the sympathoadrenal modulation of behaviorally evoked immune responses by administration of a nonselective adrenoceptor antagonist (labetalol) to subjects exposed to mental stress. In a 2 x 2 factorial design, subjects were assigned to a labetalol or saline condition and, within each condition, were exposed either to acute laboratory(More)
This study evaluated the temporal nature of cellular immune responses, as well as the effects of cardiovascular reactivity on immune responses after exposure to an acute psychological stressor. Lymphocyte subsets and lymphocyte proliferative response to phytohemagglutinin were assessed at baseline and at 5 and 21 minutes after stressor onset in the(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the relationships between cardiovascular and natural killer (NK) cell number changes on acute psychological stress in women. METHOD Data from eight different studies were analyzed. A total of 128 healthy female subjects, 85 younger (18-45 years) and 43 older (49-87 years), had been subjected to a speech stressor (N = 80) or a mental(More)
Acute psychological stress is known to alter the distribution of circulating lymphocyte subsets and also to cause a reduction of plasma volume. Data were reanalyzed from 4 previously reported studies (E. A. Bachen et al., 1995; T. B. Herbert et al., 1994; A. L. Marsland, S. B. Manuck, T. V. Fazzari, C. J. Stewart, & B. S. Rabin, 1995; A. L. Marsland, S. B.(More)