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Current appreciation of the vast expanse of prokaryotic diversity has largely come through molecular phylogenetic exploration of sequence diversity within the universally conserved gene for small subunit ribosomal RNA (16S rDNA). A plethora of methodologies for characterizing the diversity and composition of bacterial communities is based on sequence(More)
The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has posed several questions about its role in transportation demand management (TDM), including how it defines TDM, what its strategic interest in TDM is, how TDM relates to its transportation goals, what responsibilities it should assume, and how it ought to structure itself to implement TDM. WSDOT(More)
Summary form only given, as follows. The authors have successfully optimized neural nets using a genetic algorithm that differs in fundamental ways from standard genetic algorithms. This algorithm uses one-at-a-time reproduction and allocates reproductive opportunities according to rank to achieve the desired selective pressure. The authors refer to this as(More)
Continuous challenge of the way in which healthcare is delivered is one of the features which characterises the current environment for health authorities. As a consequence, managers face the pressure to review their services thoroughly and regularly. Part of the challenge to managers is to examine and define explicitly the role and function of services; to(More)
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