Tom H. Johansen

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We investigate the collective organization of paramagnetic colloidal particles externally driven above the periodic stripes of a uniaxial ferrimagnetic garnet film. An external field modulation induces vibration of the stripe walls and produces random motion of the particles. Defects in the stripe pattern break the symmetry of the potential and favor(More)
Paramagnetic particles in a magnetic ratchet potential were transported in discrete steps in an aqueous solution on the surface of a magnetic garnet film. The proposed technique allows the simultaneously controlled, dispersion-free movement of an ensemble of paramagnetic particles across the surface. External magnetic modulations were used to transport the(More)
We study the motion of paramagnetic colloidal particles placed above magnetic bubble domains of a uniaxial garnet film and driven through the lattice by external magnetic field modulation. An external tunable precessing field propels the particles either in localized orbits around the bubbles or in superdiffusive or ballistic motion through the bubble(More)
This article reports several recent discoveries related to the controlled transport of paramagnetic colloidal particles above magnetic garnet films. The garnet films are thin uniaxial ferromagnetic films in which ferromagnetic domains can be organized into symmetric patterns consisting of stripes or bubbles and generate strong local magnetic field(More)
Paramagnetic colloidal particles dispersed in water and deposited above magnetic bubble domains of a uniaxial ferrimagnetic garnet film are used as microscopic stirrer when subjected to external rotating magnetic fields. The hydrodynamic flow field above the stirrer is detected by tracking of nonmagnetic microspheres. The vorticity of the flow falls off(More)
We demonstrate the dispersion free digital transport of emulsion droplets and biological cells in an aqueous solution using paramagnetic colloidal particles above a uniaxial magnetic garnet film. Magnetic modulations above the stripe domain pattern induce a step-wise transport of paramagnetic particles dispersed in water and deposited on the surface of the(More)
Single crystal films of bismuth-substituted ferrite garnets have been synthesized by the liquid phase epitaxy method where GGG substrates are dipped into the flux. The growth parameters are controlled to obtain films with in-plane magnetization and virtually no domain activity, which makes them excellently suited for magnetooptic imaging. The Faraday(More)
We study the transversal motion of paramagnetic particles on a uniaxial garnet film, exhibiting a longitudinal ratchet effect in the presence of an oscillating magnetic field. Without the field, the thermal diffusion coefficient obtained by video microscopy is D(0) ≈ 3 × 10(-4)  μm2/s. With the field, the transversal diffusion exhibits a giant enhancement(More)
We study crystallization of paramagnetic beads in a magnetic field gradient generated by one-dimensional nanomagnets. The pressure in such a system depends on both the magnetic forces and the hydrodynamic flow, and we estimate the flow threshold for disassembling the crystal near the magnetic potential barrier. A number of different defects have been(More)
Colloidal inclusions in lab-on-a-chip devices can be used to perform analytic operations in a non-invasive fashion. We demonstrate here a novel approach to realize fast and reversible micro-sieving operations by manipulating and transporting colloidal chains via mobile domain walls in a magnetic structured substrate. We show that this technique allows one(More)