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Flow cytometry has become the dominant method for estimating nuclear DNA content in plants, either for ploidy determination or quantification of absolute genome size. Current best practices for flow cytometry involve the analysis of fresh tissue, however, this imposes significant limitations on the geographic scope and taxonomic diversity of plants that can(More)
I review the science case for the Laser Guide Star system being built for the William Herschel Telescope (WHT) on La Palma. When used in combination with the NAOMI Adaptive Optics system and the OASIS visible-wavelength Integral Field Spectrograph, I demonstrate that there are substantial, exciting areas of as-trophysical research in which the WHT can(More)
:   Infidum similis Travassos, 1916 (Dicrocoeliidae: Leipertrematinae) was found in the gall bladder of Leptophis diplotropis Günther, 1872 from El Podrido, Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico. A phylogenetic analysis based on partial sequences of the 28S ribosomal RNA using maximum likelihood (ML) and Bayesian inference (BI) analyses was carried out to assess its(More)
Preparing pre-service teachers: Developing an empirical account of a community of practice. Abstract Predicated on the belief that learning is a participatory process that involves doing, becoming, and belonging, not simply acquiring, many educators are looking toward the design of communities of practice as environments to support learning. A central(More)
Transaction Cost Economics (TCE) has formed the basis of interorganizational governance research for the past thirty years. This paper summarizes TCE and explores some of its criticisms, namely its restricted solution set and its ignorance of trust-based behaviors. Some of these concerns are addressed by the relational view of interorganizational(More)
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