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We have previously demonstrated the unique migration behavior of Ge quantum dots (QDs) through Si3N4 layers during high-temperature oxidation. Penetration of these QDs into the underlying Si substrate however, leads to a completely different behavior: the Ge QDs 'explode,' regressing back almost to their origins as individual Ge nuclei as formed during the(More)
  • Diane Denis, David Denis, Tom George, Kathy Kahle, Games Kenyon, Reneh Stulz +10 others
  • 2015
Abnormal returns to rivals of acquisition targets: A test of the &acquisition probability hypothesis' Abstract We develop and test the Acquisition Probability Hypothesis, which asserts that rivals of initial acquisition targets earn abnormal returns because of the increased probability that they will be targets themselves. On average, rival "rms earn(More)
When investors fixate on current earnings, they commit a cognitive error and fail to fully value the information contained in accruals and cash flows. Extending the accrual anomaly documented by Sloan [1996], we identify significant excess returns from a cash flow-based trading strategy. The market consistently underestimates the transitory nature of(More)
We report a unique growth and migration behavior of Ge nanocrystallites mediated by the presence of Si interstitials under thermal annealing at 900°C within an H2O ambient. The Ge nanocrystallites were previously generated by the selective oxidation of SiGe nanopillars and appeared to be very sensitive to the presence of Si interstitials that come either(More)
We introduce a discrete time no-arbitrage model with observable covariates, which allows for a closed form solution for the value of credit default swaps (CDS). The default intensity is speci…ed as a quadratic function of the covariates, ensuring that the intensity function is always positive. The model yields economically plausible results in terms of …t,(More)
This paper models a bank with access to two segmented capital markets, the market for insured deposits and the market for uninsured claims. We illustrate how higher costs of accessing either market leads to lower firm values and a greater incentive to carry liquid assets. We test our model on a sample of large banking firms, and label banks with relatively(More)
We report the first-of-its-kind, self-organized gate-stack heterostructure of Ge-dot/ SiO2/SiGe-shell on Si fabricated in a single step through the selective oxidation of a SiGe-nanopatterned pillar over a Si3N4 buffer layer on a Si substrate. Process-controlled tunability of the Ge-dot size (7.5–90 nm), the SiO2 thickness (3–4 nm), and the SiGe-shell(More)
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