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We describe a technique for measuring the luminosity and polarization of internal polarized gas targets at electron storage rings. The method is to measure the emission rate and circular polarization of the atomic photons emitted from the target atoms. Results from a test of the concept using the Caltech Pelletron accelerator are reported. Preliminary(More)
CEBAF experiment e89-008 measured inclusive electron scattering from nuclei in a Q range between 0.8 and 7.3 (GeV/c) for xBjorken > ∼ 1. The cross sections for scattering from D, C, Fe, and Au were measured. The C, Fe, and Au data have been analyzed in terms of F(y) to examine y-scaling of the quasielastic scattering, and to study the momentum distribution(More)
The general structure of atomic hydrogen in an arbitrarily strong magnetic field remains an unsolved problem of atomic physics. The Hamiltonian for hydrogen in a uniform magnetic field is known; the eigenstates are not. Theoretical research has yet to produce solutions which can elucidate the atom's behavior at all levels of excitation and field strength.(More)
A unique part of the CLEO detector at CESR is the pressurized wire proportional chamber system for particle identification using measurements of ionization loss (dE/dx) in gaseous Argon. Each particle traversing the ~80 cm thick detector leaves 117 ionization samples. Data obtained from e+e- collisions at CESR in the 10 GeV center-of-mass energy region have(More)
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