Tom Güldemann

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Southern and eastern African populations that speak non-Bantu languages with click consonants are known to harbour some of the most ancient genetic lineages in humans, but their relationships are poorly understood. Here, we report data from 23 populations analysed at over half a million single-nucleotide polymorphisms, using a genome-wide array designed for(More)
The Khoisan populations of southern Africa are known to harbor some of the deepest-rooting lineages of human mtDNA; however, their relationships are as yet poorly understood. Here, we report the results of analyses of complete mtDNA genome sequences from nearly 700 individuals representing 26 populations of southern Africa who speak diverse Khoisan and(More)
sense a robust geographical commonality. The northern and southern boundaries of the Macro-Sudan belt apply to the different features regularly and thus seem to be more or less stable; movements across them appear to be associated with a change in profile on the part of the linguistic population (cf. the cases of Chadic and Bantu with regard to the presence(More)
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