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BACKGROUND Results of array studies have suggested abnormalities in expression of lipid and myelin-related genes in schizophrenia. Here, we investigated oligodendrocyte-specific and myelination-associated gene expression in schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder. METHODS We used samples from the Stanley brain collection, consisting of 15(More)
A number of microarray investigations using human postmortem brain tissue have been published recently, exploring a multitude of human brain disorders with the aim of unraveling the underlying pathologies. Although the technology is still developing and lacks sufficient sensitivity with regard to detecting splice variants and low abundance transcripts,(More)
Memory T cells are heterogeneous in terms of their phenotype and functional properties. We investigated the molecular profiles of human CD8 naive central memory (T(CM)), effector memory (T(EM)), and effector memory RA (T(EMRA)) T cells using gene expression microarrays and phospho-protein-specific intracellular flow cytometry. We demonstrate that T(CM) have(More)
The potential of expression analysis using cDNA microarrays to address complex problems in a wide variety of biological contexts is now being realised. A limiting factor in such analyses is often the amount of RNA required, usually tens of micrograms. To address this problem researchers have turned to methods of improving detection sensitivity, either(More)
Episomal integration is a critical event in human papillomavirus (HPV)-related oncogenesis, although little information is currently available concerning the effect of integration on the host transcriptome. We have used expression microarrays to investigate the effect of integration of HPV16 on gene expression in cervical keratinocytes, using the unique(More)
Anti-mitotic chemotherapeutic agents such as taxanes activate the spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC) to arrest anaphase onset, but taxane-exposed cells eventually undergo slippage to exit mitosis. The therapeutic efficacy of taxanes depends on whether slippage after SAC arrest culminates in continued cell survival, or in death by apoptosis. However, the(More)
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This report documents the research conducted for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) concerning the use of pavement alternates. The scope of the project includes reviewing the state-of-the-practice in methods used for pavement type selection, interviewing TxDOT key personnel with experience in developing pavement structure alternatives,(More)