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A family of sets is union-closed if it contains the union of any two of its elements. Some years ago, Reimer gave a lower bound for the average size of an element of a union-closed family consisting of m sets and, two years ago, Czédli did the same under the additional condition that our sets are contained in a set with n elements. Recently Tom Eccles and I(More)
BACKGROUND Previous work has indicated a wide range of unmet medical health needs in people with intellectual disability (ID). METHODS A profile of recorded medical needs was produced for 589 people with ID through a detailed search of individual medical and nursing case records. Specialist optometric and audiological assessments were offered, and reports(More)
We have proposed that the atypical opioid system in the mouse may be representative of that in the anorexia nervosa patient and may account for a biological predisposition to the disorder. This is in the context of our auto-addiction model of anorexia nervosa in which endogenous opioids play a critical role in its etiology. Morphine activation of the(More)
We have proposed that endogenous opioids play a critical role in the etiology of anorexia nervosa, mediating an auto-addiction, and that atypical opioid systems in mice may be representative of those in anorexia nervosa patients, in contrast to normal humans and rats. A biological predisposition to eating disorders may result from these atypical opioid(More)
Six adolescents, 12 to 15 years old, with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus were discovered to be secretively taking extra insulin, not with the intent of improving metabolic control. Large discrepancies between reported and observed insulin requirements were noted. Psychosocial problems antedated the discovery of surreptitious insulin administration in(More)
Over the summer of 2000, the artist Paul Pfeiffer, with his collaborators John Letourneau and Lawrence Chua, videotaped a flock of chickens on a farm in upstate New York. Using three still cameras, they followed the birds’ lives twentyfour hours a day: beginning with incubated eggs purchased from a local supplier, through hatching at around seventeen days,(More)