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Resilience and vulnerability represent two related yet different approaches to understanding the response of systems and actors to change; to shocks and surprises, as well as slow creeping changes. Their respective origins in ecological and social theory largely explain the continuing differences in approach to social-ecological dimensions of change.(More)
Over the past few decades, four distinct and largely independent research and policy communities--disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, environmental management and poverty reduction--have been actively engaged in reducing socio-economic vulnerability to natural hazards. However, despite the significant efforts of these communities, the(More)
Executive Summary The aim of this study is to provide external advice and recommendations to the Shadow Committee on Climate Change (SCCC) on the methodological approaches that could be used to propose UK interim carbon budgets for the period 2008-2022. These interim budgets are bounded by existing Government commitments, most notably the 26-32% reduction(More)
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