Tom Dowling

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We describe an identity based signature scheme that uses biometric information to construct the public key. Such a scheme would be beneficial in a legal dispute over whether a contract had been signed or not by a user. A biometric reading provided by the alleged signer would be enough to verify the signature. We make use of Fuzzy extractors [7] to generate(More)
Self-healing key distribution deals with the problem of distributing session keys for secure communication to a dynamic group of users over an unreliable, lossy network in a manner that is resistant to packet lost and collusion attacks. Self-healing property enables a user who has been off-line for some period to recover the lost session keys immediately(More)
Supporters of Unix claim that its benefits in programmer productivity more than offset its notoriously sluggish performance. Developers of applications with serious real-time performance requirements often feel, therefore, that they must choose between programmer productivity and the system efficiency they need. This session explores some possible(More)