Tom Douglas Newton

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AIMS Cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging benefits from a large field of view, but consequently captures incidental extra-cardiac findings (IEFs). There is a relative paucity of data for CMR in this regard. Our objectives were to assess the frequency and significance of IEFs reported from clinically indicated CMR scans, and additionally to ascertain if(More)
Cocaine dependence is associated with an increased risk of infectious diseases. The innate immune system triggers effector pathways to combat microbial pathogens through expression of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) and interleukin-6 (IL-6). It is not known whether cocaine alters the capacity of monocytes to respond to a bacterial challenge in(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare bupropion to placebo for reducing methamphetamine (MA) use, increasing retention, and reducing the severity of depressive symptoms and MA-cravings. A secondary objective compared bupropion to placebo for reducing cigarette smoking among MA dependent participants. METHODS Following a 2-week, non-medication baseline screening period, 73(More)
Cocaine treatment trials suffer from a high rate of attrition. We examined pretreatment neurophysiological factors to identify participants at greatest risk. Twenty-five participants were divided into concordant and discordant groups following electroencephalogram (EEG) measures recorded prior to a double-blind, placebo-controlled treatment trial. Three(More)
To evaluate the lowest radiation exposure threshold at which coronary calcium scoring (CCS) remains accurate. A prospective study of 43 consecutive eligible patients referred for CCS underwent imaging in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended protocol. Dedicated software was used to generate 8 series of images simulating tube currents ranging from(More)
Cavernous angiomas although relatively common lesions rarely reach a large size. They have a well documented association with AVMs, capillary telangiectases and venous angiomas but are not specifically associated with intracerebral aneurysms. We present a case of what we believe to be the 4th largest reported giant cavernous angioma to present in adulthood.(More)
Objectives: First, we sought to assess the frequency of incidental extra-cardiac findings (IEF) found in a consecutive series of clinical Cardiac MR scans. Second, we compared the 3 clinically used HASTE acquisition protocols in this context. Third, we determined the impact of the three different HASTE protocols on acquisition time and image quality.(More)