Tom Donner

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Over a 22-year period, operations were performed on 263 patients for 288 primary benign tumors of major peripheral nerves. The tumors included 85 schwannomas, 197 neurofibromas, and six plexiform neurofibromas. Total removal was achieved in 83 of the 85 schwannomas, and 76 of these patients were available for follow-up evaluation. Motor function either(More)
Eighty-three consecutive patients with extracranial accessory nerve injury seen over a 12-year period are reviewed. The most common etiology was iatrogenic injury to the nerve at the time of previous surgery. Such operations were usually minor in nature and often related to lymph node or benign tumor removal. Examination usually distinguished winging due to(More)
The early, formative years— Christopher Dyer Saudek, MD, was a pioneer in the development of implant-able insulin pumps, which brought freedom and flexibility to the field of diabetes. Saudek was born to Robert and Elizabeth Saudek in 1942. (Robert Saudek was the creator of the 1950s critically acclaimed television series Omnibus.) The young Saudek grew up(More)
Many spinal nerve roots injured due to stretch or other types of lesions are not reparable. Some spinal nerves might be repaired if they could be exposed in their intraforaminal course. A posterior subscapular approach for a more lateral exposure of the brachial plexus was combined with a facetectomy to expose intraforaminal nerves in a series of Macaca(More)
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