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The early, formative years— Christopher Dyer Saudek, MD, was a pioneer in the development of implant-able insulin pumps, which brought freedom and flexibility to the field of diabetes. Saudek was born to Robert and Elizabeth Saudek in 1942. (Robert Saudek was the creator of the 1950s critically acclaimed television series Omnibus.) The young Saudek grew up(More)
There is a fine distinction between life-saving measures and life-sustaining ones. In the case presented below the husband of a wife with cancer did not understand the continuation of life-sustaining treatment after the decision to reject life-saving measures was made. This resulted in a conflict between the husband and physician that placed the nurse, as(More)
Written, witnessed advance directives such as Durable Powers of Attorney and Living Wills communicate patients' care preferences. The critical care nurse must be knowledgeable about these legal documents to be able to effectively uphold the specific care requests. The authors define advance directives and outline the role of the nurse in execution of these(More)
The Safe Medical Device Act places a legal responsibility on health care practitioners to assess and report malfunctioning medical equipment. As a result of this law, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will for the first time have direct regulatory authority over hospitals. Today's complex and technological critical care setting requires that the nurse(More)
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