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Lateral cephalometric radiographs were evaluated to determine the posttreatment stability of 66 patients treated with LeFort I osteotomies to reposition their maxillae superiorly. The sample was divided into three groups based on the degree of pretreatment overbite: openbite subsample--no incisal overlap; overlap subsample--incisal overlap and no incisal(More)
Prato has the highest proportion of Chinese immigrants of any Italian province, with most (95%) originating from just two provinces in the south of China: Zhejiang and Fujian. Typically these immigrants come seeking to establish their own business, and take advantage of an often illegal migratory chain that exploits networks of existing relationships. In(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS In 2010, demand on the Auckland City Hospital general medical service exceeded capacity. A review by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians was critical of training offered to registered medical officers, and low morale was a problem across the service. Management offered support for an improved model that would solve these(More)
The Prato Centre of Monash, in its beautiful Palazzo, set in the town's medieval heart, is held in special affection by Monash scholars. Prato provides an ideal venue for European based activities of the University. In Prato, an enormous range of workshops and conferences, as well as short term teaching courses, are held. The Monash Institute for the Study(More)
This paper looks to fill an international gap in knowledge about the adoption of information and communication technologies by third sector organisations with a specific focus on the Australian experience. In Australia, the United Kingdom, USA, and Canada, such research that exists into the usefulness of the spread of ICT into community-based organisations,(More)