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Recently there has been an increasing amount of work in the area of automatic genre classification of music in audio format. Such systems can be used as a way to evaluate features describing musical content as well as a way to structure large collections of music. However the evaluation and comparison of genre classification systems is hindered by the(More)
In this paper recent improvements of an existing acoustic front-end for the transcription of vocal (hummed, sung) musical queries is presented. Thanks to the addition of a new second pitch extrac-tor and the introduction of a novel multi-stage segmentation algorithm , the application domain of the front-end could be extended to whistled queries, and on top(More)
—This paper assesses the impact of three factors on the music retrieval accuracy of a query-by-melody (QBM) system. The investigated factors are the accuracy of the query provider (the singer), the query transcription accuracy of the acoustic front-end and the length of the query. The music retrieval accuracy is described in terms of a new concept, called(More)
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