Tom D Thomson

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This study was designed to determine the susceptibility in vitro and infectivity of 1 field isolate of Mycobacterium avium sbsp paratuberculosis after exposure to monensin sodium and tilmicosin phosphate. Minimum inhibitory concentrations (0.39 microg monensin sodium/mL; 1.60 microg tilmicosin phosphate/mL) were determined in quintuplicate. Organisms were(More)
Of 19 adult cows naturally infected with paratuberculosis, 13 were treated with monensin sodium and six remained untreated. At the beginning of the study, the severity of the histological lesions was assessed from biopsy samples of ileum, liver, mesenteric lymph node and rectal mucosa. From the data acquired it was possible to assign the animals so that the(More)
Monensin sodium (0, 15, or 30 mg/kg of complete feed) was fed ad libitum for 1 week to female mice (strain C57BL6/J) that were genetically susceptible to infection with Mycobacterium paratuberculosis. Ten mice in each of the 3 groups were inoculated intraperitoneally with M paratuberculosis (10(9) organisms). Sterile saline solution was injected(More)
1. The influence of barbiturates on neuromuscular transmission at end-plates of frog sartorius muscles was investigated electrophysiologically on preparations bathed in Ringer solution containing a low concentration of calcium and a high concentration of magnesium.2. Effects of a convulsant barbiturate, 5-(2-cyclohexylideneëthyl)-5-ethyl barbituric acid(More)
Parasympathetic preganglionic discharges recorded from pelvic nerves in spinal cats were evoked by single-pulse stimulation of sacral afferent fibers of descending excitatory pathways in the thoracic spinal cord. Evoked responses were analyzed on-line by signal averaging. Discharges evoked by either pathway were increased in size by 2-10 times by(More)
Rehabilitation in inpatient settings is expensive and staff-intensive. It is necessary for such services to demonstrate effectiveness to justify this. In contrast to popular notions, evidence for the effectiveness of inpatient rehabilitation does exist and is reviewed in this article. In particular, there is very good evidence for specialized inpatient(More)
The disposition of pituitary-derived bovine growth hormone (pbST) and of a recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbST) produced by Lilly (somidobove, USAN) were compared after an intravenous bolus administration (36.69 micrograms/kg for pbST and 35 micrograms/kg for rbST) to eight lactating cows in a crossover study. It was shown that dose-dependent parameters(More)
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