Tom D Bennett

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One of the earliest manifestations of diabetic neuropathy is denervation of the cardiovascular system; loss of heart rate variability may have a prevalence as high as 21.5% in diabetic patients, and declines at 1 beat/min/year, which is 3 times faster than in normal subjects. The cause of this neuropathy is unknown: attempts at decreasing the excess(More)
BACKGROUND Approximately half of all patients with chronic heart failure (HF) have a decreased ejection fraction (EF) (systolic HF [SHF]); the other half have HF with a normal EF (diastolic HF [DHF]). However, the underlying pathophysiological differences between DHF and SHF patients are incompletely defined. The purpose of this study was to use(More)
BACKGROUND Implantable sensors that monitor haemodynamics over time may be useful in patients with heart failure. This multicentre study assessed the feasibility of a system that has one sensor measuring absolute pressure and another measuring mixed venous oxygen saturation (SvO(2)). Both sensors were mounted on leads that were implanted in the right(More)
BACKGROUND Intracardiac pressures in heart failure (HF) have been measured in patients while supine in the hospital but change at home with posture and activity. The optimal level of chronic ambulatory pressure is unknown. This analysis compared chronic intracardiac pressures to later HF events and sought a threshold above which higher pressures conferred(More)
Long-term monitoring of central haemodynamics with implanted monitoring systems might be valuable in managing heart failure patients. Such systems offer an opportunity for repeated 'semi-invasive' cardiac output determinations according to the Fick principle. Five patients, four with chronic heart failure and one with chronic pulmonary disease, underwent(More)
Baroreflex sensitivity was measured in a group of diabetic patients from the slope of the regression of pulse interval on systolic arterial pressure, during elevation of pressure induced by phenylephrine. The response to Valsalva's manoeuvre was assessed in the same subjects. There was a good correlation between the two tests in the identification of(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac output (CO) is an important determinant of the hemodynamic state in patients with congestive heart failure (CHF). We tested the hypothesis that CO can be estimated from the right ventricular (RV) pressure waveform in CHF patients using a pulse contour cardiac output algorithm that considers constant but patient specific RV outflow tract(More)
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