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OBJECTIVE To review non-drug treatments for dementia; to provide a source of evidence for informal carers who want ideas about non-drug approaches for dementia, that they might try or that they could try to access. The systematic review addresses: what non-drug treatments work and what do they work for? What non-drug treatments might work and what for? What(More)
Research consistently shows that natural resource dependence tends to be associated with lower economic growth. However, the studies typically focus on differences across nations or states. We fill a gap in the literature by testing the so-called resource curse at a more disaggregated county level. Our results show clear evidence that resource-dependent(More)
Introduction Over the last thirty plus years the use of transferable permits to control pollution has evolved from little more than an academic curiosity to the centerpiece of the US program to control acid rain and international programs to control greenhouse gases. What explains this rather remarkable transition? How was the approach shaped by economic(More)
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