Tom Conner

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BACKGROUND Men with germline breast cancer 1, early onset (BRCA1) or breast cancer 2, early onset (BRCA2) gene mutations have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer (PCa) than noncarriers. IMPACT (Identification of Men with a genetic predisposition to ProstAte Cancer: Targeted screening in BRCA1/2 mutation carriers and controls) is an international(More)
This paper proposes a Layered Model for boundary-scan testing to help identify opportunities for standardization. Serial Vector Format [1] and an accompanying Application Programming Interface, developed for the Application Specific Electronic Module (ASEM) project sponsored by ARPA, are presented as examples of a novel approach to the representation of(More)
Elder abuse in long-term care has become a very important public health concern. Recent estimates of elder abuse prevalence are in the range of 2% to 10% (Lachs & Pillemer, 2004), and current changes in population structure indicate a potential for an upward trend in prevalence (Malley-Morrison, Nolido, & Chawla, 2006; Post et al., 2006). More than 20 years(More)
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