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The identification of new therapeutic uses for existing agents has been proposed as a means to mitigate the escalating cost of drug development. A common approach to such repurposing involves screening libraries of agents for activities against cell lines. In silico methods using knowledge from the biomedical literature have been proposed to constrain the(More)
(NBCU) announced that Comcast would purchase a controlling interest in NBCU. Comcast and NBCU produced very few services or products that directly competed with one another. Rather, their main relationship to one another was that NBCU provided video programming to Comcast that Comcast then distributed to consumers. Thus, this was primarily a vertical(More)
Title: Practical Guidelines for the implementation of back drilling plated through hole vias in multi-gigabit board applications Tom is currently a principle mechanical engineer in the New Product Development group. His current activities include the design and analysis of high speed next generation products. During Tom's 20 years of industry experience he(More)
Despite the existence of various databases cataloging cancer drugs, there is an emerging need to support the development and application of personalized therapies, where an integrated understanding of the clinical factors and drug mechanism of action and its gene targets is necessary. We have developed CATTLE (CAncer Treatment Treasury with Linked(More)
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