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Epidemiological studies suggest that a father's diet can influence offspring health. A proposed mechanism for paternal transmission of environmental information is via the sperm epigenome. The epigenome includes heritable information such as DNA methylation. We hypothesize that the dietary supply of methyl donors will alter epigenetic reprogramming in(More)
Hepatocyte nuclear factor (HNF)4α is a central regulator of gene expression in cell types that play a critical role in metabolic homeostasis, including hepatocytes, enterocytes, and pancreatic β cells. Although fatty acids were found to occupy the HNF4α ligand-binding pocket and were proposed to act as ligands, there is controversy about both the nature of(More)
A number of diabetogenic stimuli interact to influence insulin promoter activity, making it an attractive target for both mechanistic studies and therapeutic interventions. High-throughput screening (HTS) for insulin promoter modulators has the potential to reveal novel inputs into the control of that central element of the pancreatic beta-cell. A cell line(More)
(NBCU) announced that Comcast would purchase a controlling interest in NBCU. Comcast and NBCU produced very few services or products that directly competed with one another. Rather, their main relationship to one another was that NBCU provided video programming to Comcast that Comcast then distributed to consumers. Thus, this was primarily a vertical(More)
Title of dissertation: SOME NOVEL PHENOMENA AT HIGH DENSITY Evan Berkowitz, Doctor of Philosophy, 2013 Dissertation directed by: Professor Paulo Bedaque Department of Physics Astrophysical environments probe matter in ways impossible on Earth. In particular, matter in compact objects are extraordinarily dense. In this thesis we discuss two phenomena that(More)
The principal finding of this study is that two drugs, alverine and benfluorex, used in vastly different clinical settings, activated the nuclear receptor transcription factor HNF4α. Both were hits in a high-throughput screen for compounds that reversed the inhibitory effect of the fatty acid palmitate on human insulin promoter activity. Alverine is used in(More)
Experimental and theoretical study of the influence of the pump-to-laser beam overlap, a crucial parameter for optimization of optically pumped alkali atom lasers, is reported for Ti:Sapphire pumped Cs laser. Maximum laser power > 370 mW with an optical-to-optical efficiency of 43% and slope efficiency ~55% was obtained. The dependence of the lasing power(More)
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