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The author would like to acknowledge those whose help and leadership have been instrumental to the production of this paper. First and foremost are Marshall (Mike) Smith and Catherine (Cathy) Casserly, whose combined vision and tenacity at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation gave life to the global, fast-growing Open Educational Resources movement.(More)
Recent work suggests that negative moral judgements of sexual activities are informed by disgust and anger. A correlational study (N=62) and an experiment (N=176) examined the specific antecedents that elicit these distinct, though correlated, moral emotions. Participants in Study 1 rated their emotional reactions to, and judgements of, 10 sexual scenarios.(More)
A scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) produces a convergent beam electron diffraction pattern at each position of a raster scan with a focused electron beam, but recording this information poses major challenges for gathering and storing such large data sets in a timely manner and with sufficient dynamic range. To investigate the crystalline(More)
Strontium nitrate Sr 87m bone scans were made preoperatively in a group of women with suspected breast cancer, 35 of whom subsequently underwent radical mastectomy. In 3 of the 35 (9%), the scans were abnormal despite the absence of clinical or roentgenographic evidence of metastatic disease. All three patients has extensive axillary lymph node involvement(More)
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