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Visual Effects Supervisor: Rob Legato Visual Effects Producer: Crystal Dowd Visual Effects Line Producer: Cari Thomas Visual Effects D.P.: Eric Nash Digital Effects Supervisor: Mark Lasoff Digital Compositing Supervisor: Michael Kanfer Digital Effects Supervisor: Judith Crow Digital Compositing Supervisor: Mark Forker Night Compositing Supervisor: Carey(More)
V IS U A L P R O C E E D IN G S C O M P U T E R A N IM A T IO N F E S T IV A L The Las Campanas Redshift Survey contains data of the position and redshift of galaxies in six slices of the galactic universe. Each slice is 1.5 x 80 degrees. This 3D visualization clearly shows the textural quality of galactic space. Producer: Home Run Pictures for WQED(More)
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