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Teleradiology involves transmitting high-resolution medical images from one remote site to another and displaying the images effectively so that radiologists can perform the proper diagnosis. Recent advances in medicine combined with those in technology have resulted in a vast array of medical imaging techniques, but due to the characteristics of these(More)
An environment for designing virtual instruments with 3D geometry has been prototyped and applied to real-time sound control and design. It enables a sound artist, musical performer or composer to design an instrument according to preferred or required gestural and musical constraints instead of constraints based only on physical laws as they apply to an(More)
Conventional use of magnetic bearings relies on a zero reference to keep the rotor centered in the radial and axial axes. This paper compares different control methods developed for the alternate control task of tracking an axial dynamic target. Controllers based on fuzzy logic, sliding mode, and direct linearization were designed to meet this task.(More)
f all the art forms, dance has probably been the slowest to adopt technology. In part, this reflects the reluctance of dancers and choreographers to let anything get between them and the live kinesthetic experience. But it also reflects the fact that useful tools have been slow to develop in a market with limited commercial opportunity. Probably the first(More)
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