Tom C. van der Zanden

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Graph constraint logic is a framework introduced by Hearn and Demaine [6], which provides several problems that are often a convenient starting point for reductions. We study the parameterized complexity of Constraint Graph Satisfiability and both bounded and unbounded versions of Nondeterministic Constraint Logic (NCL) with respect to solution length,(More)
We establish the complexity of several graph embedding problems: Subgraph Isomorphism, Graph Minor, Induced Subgraph and Induced Minor, when restricted to H-minor free graphs. In each of these problems, we are given a pattern graph P and a host graph G, and want to determine whether P is a subgraph (minor, induced subgraph or induced minor) of G. We show(More)
Bloxorz is an online puzzle game where players move a 1 by 1 by 2 block by tilting it on a subset of the two dimensional grid. Bloxorz features switches that open and close trapdoors. The puzzle is to move the block from its initial position to an upright position on the destination square. We show that the problem of deciding whether a given Bloxorz level(More)
We present a parallel algorithm for computing the treewidth of a graph on a GPU. We implement this algorithm in OpenCL, and experimentally evaluate its performance. Our algorithm is based on an O(2)-time algorithm that explores the elimination orderings of the graph using a HeldKarp like dynamic programming approach. We use Bloom filters to detect duplicate(More)
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