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Large scale knowledge bases systems are difficult and expensive to construct. If we could share knowledge across systems, costs would be reduced. However, because knowledge bases are typically constructed from scratch, each with their own idiosyncratic structure, sharing is difficult. Recent research has focused on the use of ontologies to promote sharing.(More)
BACKGROUND China is increasingly facing the challenge of control of the growing burden of non-communicable diseases. We assessed the epidemiology of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia in China between 1990, and 2010, to improve estimates of the burden of disease, analyse time trends, and inform health policy decisions relevant to China's(More)
OBJECTIVE To quantify the link between lower, subclinically symptomatic, levels of psychological distress and cause-specific mortality in a large scale, population based study. DESIGN Individual participant meta-analysis of 10 large prospective cohort studies from the Health Survey for England. Baseline psychological distress measured by the 12 item(More)
BACKGROUND Geographical variation in dementia prevalence and incidence may indicate important socio-environmental contributions to dementia aetiology. However, previous comparisons have been hampered by combining studies with different methodologies. This review systematically collates and synthesizes studies examining geographical variation in the(More)
BACKGROUND Mortality in Scotland is higher than in the rest of west and central Europe and is improving more slowly. Relative to England and Wales, the excess is only partially explained by area deprivation. We tested the extent to which sociodemographic, behavioural, anthropometric and biological factors explain the higher mortality in Scotland compared(More)
BACKGROUND Life-course socioeconomic factors may have a role in dementia aetiology but there is a current paucity of studies. Meta-analyses of individual participant data would considerably strengthen this evidence base. AIMS To examine the association between socioeconomic status in early life and adulthood with later dementia death. METHOD Individual(More)
BACKGROUND People with dementia are extremely vulnerable in hospital and unscheduled admissions should be avoided if possible. AIMS To identify any predictors of general hospital admission in people with dementia in a well-characterised national prospective cohort study. METHOD A cohort of 730 persons with dementia was drawn from the Scottish Dementia(More)
OBJECTIVE Individual cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors are associated with dementia. For the first time, we investigated whether the Framingham CVD risk score-which comprises these multiple risk factors-was also associated with future dementia risk. METHODS Individual participant meta-analysis of two large, general population cohort studies (N =(More)
BACKGROUND This study aimed to estimate the magnitude of geographical variation in dementia rates and suggest explanations for this variation. Small-area studies are scarce, and none has adequately investigated the relative contribution of genetic and environmental factors to the distribution of dementia. METHODS We present 2 complementary small-area(More)