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Ferritin is a symmetric, 24-subunit iron-storage complex assembled of H and L chains. It is found in bacteria, plants, and animals and in two classes of mutations in the human L-chain gene, resulting in hereditary hyperferritinemia cataract syndrome or in neuroferritinopathy. Here, we examined systemic and cellular ferritin regulation and trafficking in the(More)
Linkage relationships between loci affecting quantitative traits (QTL) and marker loci were examined in an interspecific cross between Lycopersicon esculentum and Lycopersicon pimpinellifolium. Parental lines differed for six morphological markers and for four electrophoretic markers. Almost 1700 F-2 plants were scored with respect to the genetic markers(More)
Previous studies have reported the presence of renin mRNAs in several mouse tissues and angiotensinogen mRNAs in various rat tissues. Clarification as to whether renin and angiotensinogen mRNAs are coexpressed in the same tissues of the same animal species is important for understanding the biology of the tissue renin-angiotensin system. We employed mouse(More)
Increasing biochemical evidence suggests that the renin-angiotensin system may be present in may extrarenal tissues. We have employed the mouse submandibular gland renin complementary DNA (pDD-1D2) and the rat liver angiotensinogen complementary DNA (pRang 3) to demonstrate that renin and angiotensinogen messenger RNAs are expressed in the mouse kidney,(More)
Poikilotherms are now known to increase their survival by behaviorally induced fevers in response to pathogenic infection. Increased host resistance to viral and bacterial infections has also been noted in homeotherms whose body temperature has been elevated by manipulation of ambient temperature. These observations suggest that fever may increase host(More)
The ability of the rat liver microsomal vitamin K-dependent carboxylase and microsomal precursors of prothrombin and other vitamin K-dependent proteins to bind to lectin gels has been determined. Under denaturing conditions which dissociate precursor substrates from the carboxylase enzyme, prothrombin precursors and microsomal proteins labeled in(More)
Comparisons of age, food intake, body weight and body composition at the onset of sexual maturity were made between dwarf and normal chickens from lines selected for high or low juvenile body weight. At the same age birds which had started to lay were significantly heavier and contained significantly more abdominal and carcass fat than those which were not(More)
The subcellular distributions of glutamyl carboxypeptidase, folate specific activities, and radioactive metabolites of injected [3H] folic acid were studied in rat liver. The specific activity of glutamyl carboxypeptidase in the lysosomal fraction was near or greater than four times that in the other subcellular fractions. The specific activity of folates(More)