Tom Barthel

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Preparations of Escherichia coli DnaK from our lab as well as preparations of DnaK and other HSP70 proteins from several major labs in the field produce a stoichiometric initial burst of [alpha-(32)P]ADP when incubated with [alpha-(32)P]ATP and contain an ADP kinase activity. We determined that the initial burst activity results from the transfer of(More)
  • T K Barthel, J Zhang, G C Walker
  • 2001
We have characterized the effects of the T199S, T199A, and K70A mutations on the biochemical activity and in vivo functioning of Escherichia coli DnaK. Threonine-199 is the site of autophosphorylation of DnaK, and the lysine residue of bovine Hsc70 corresponding to K70 of DnaK has been shown to be essential for the hydrolysis of ATP. The dnaK alleles T199A(More)
Reinsertion des distalen Bizepssehnenstumpfs an der Tuberositas radii mit Wiederherstellung der Kraft hinsichtlich Flexion und Supination. Abriss der distalen Bizepssehne von der Tuberositas radii. Akute und chronische Verletzungen, bei denen der Sehnenstumpf in Flexion und Supination nach distal bis zur Tuberositas radii mobilisierbar ist. Rupturen am(More)
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