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Abnormal cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) collections within the posterior fossa are defined by the Dandy-Walker complex (DWC) and by arachnoid cysts (AC). The DWC includes the Dandy-Walker malformation (DWM), the Dandy-Walker variant (DWV) and the mega-cisterna magna (MCM). In addition, Tortori-Donati et al. added persistent Blake's pouch cyst (BPC) as an(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate lesion contrast enhancement in brain magnetic resonance (MR) images with and without magnetization transfer pulse (MT) in patients affected with multiple sclerosis (MS). MATERIAL AND METHODS Ten patients affected with relapsing-remitting MS underwent a 1.5-T (Magnetom Vision, Siemens) MR examination with T1-weighted spin-echo sequences(More)
Leiomyosarcoma is a malignant smooth muscle tumor that frequently occurs in the gastrointestinal tract and female genital tract. It is aggressive and tends to recur and metastasize. Clinical behavior is unpredictable, mostly influenced by a proper surgical approach. Oral leiomyosarcoma, in particular of the tongue, is extremely rare and poorly documented in(More)
Subependymomas are rare neuroectodermic tumours. The authors report a case of a patient he had a subendymoma in the left lateral ventricle, with particular attention to the MR aspects on these lesions and review of the literature.
Both unilateral proptosis (2 cases) and radiological evidence of orbital inflammatory pseudotumor in the absence of exophthalmos (1 case) have been separately described as presenting signs of temporal arteritis. We report a patient presenting with bilateral exophthalmos associated with CT and MRI signs of orbital inflammation, who had biopsy-proven temporal(More)
The goals of the treatment of paranasal sinuses mucocele are the relief of the symptoms due to compression and the prevention of recurrence. Because of the benignity of the pathology, it is mandatory to choose the approach that minimizes the surgical trauma. When an anterior clinoid mucocele is found, the conventional approaches are the trans-nasoethmoidal,(More)
The meaning of the time from origin to first peak and from peak to peak of the derivative of the regional cerebral functions recorded after intravenous administration of a non-diffusible tracer is analyzed. Data obtained by cerebral and cardiac monitoring and evaluation of both times in patients with carotid thrombosis, indicates that the time from origin(More)
This paper introduces innovative technology development that will improve performance of next-generation cognitive wireless networking among space, air, and ground assets. The paper describes methods to develop a system where cognitive users transmit wideband spread-spectrum signals that are designed to adaptively avoid the interference dynamics of the(More)
The authors have administered a test of intelligence (WAIS) and a test of attention (Color Naming) to a group of patients affected by chronic schizophrenic impairment. The scores give shape to a picture of mental deterioration, especially characterized by a decrease of attentive power. This results validates the possibility of a neuropsychological approach(More)
In order to assess the actual incidence of gas bubbles trapped within acute intracranial epidural haematomas, as revealed by computed tomography (CT) of the skull, a series of 204 patients with surgically verified epidural haematomas was retrospectively reviewed. Gas bubbles were observed on CT scan in 22.5% of the cases, with the incidence rising to 37%(More)