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Jahnsite-(NaFeMg), a new mineral from the Tip Top mine, Custer County, South Dakota: Description and crystal structure
Abstract Jahnsite-(NaFeMg), NaFe3+Mg2Fe23+(PO4)4(OH)2·8H2O, space group P2/a, a = 15.0811(16), b = 7.1403(8), c = 9.8299(11) Å, β = 110.445(1)°, V = 991.8(2) Å3, and Z = 2, is a new mineral from theExpand
Phosphovanadylite-Ca, Ca[V4 4+P2O8(OH)8]·12H2O, the Ca analogue of phosphovanadylite-Ba
Abstract Phosphovanadylite-Ca, Ca[V44+P2O8(OH)8]·12H2O, is a new mineral from the South Rasmussen (or South Rasmussen Ridge) phosphate mine, Soda Springs, Caribou County, Idaho. It is named as the CaExpand