Tom A. Moultrie

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This paper describes marriage and partnership patterns and trends in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa from 2000-2006. The study is based on longitudinal, population-based data collected by the Africa Centre demographic surveillance system. We consider whether the high rates of non-marriage among Africans in South Africa reported in the 1980s were reversed(More)
Estimation of mortality in South Africa has always been problematic. While reasonably accurate life tables have been computed for the Coloured, Indian and White population groups, mortality rates for the African population, and the South African population as a whole, have always been fairly approximate. Nonetheless it would appear from the official life(More)
Stalled fertility declines have been identified in several regions across the developing world, but the current conceptualization of a stalled fertility decline is poorly theorized and does not lend itself to objective measurement. We propose a more rigorous and statistically testable definition of stalled fertility decline that can be applied to(More)
Hill and Choi attempted to test how well the variable-r techniques for estimating adult mortality (Generalised Growth Balance and the Synthetic Extinct Generations methods) perform in the context where data deficiencies violate the assumptions underlying the models. From this work they concluded that each method had strengths and weaknesses and that(More)
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